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The Internet Integration Proclamation - One Blog, Thousands of Online Ideas, Brought Together.

Embracing The “New” – A Case in Coding Software

Every now and then an idea comes along that changes the course of human kind. Our world would be very different if man had never harnessed fire or invented the wheel. Can you imagine if we still believed the Earth to be flat? Sometimes it seems that such major discoveries are no longer occurring today. I, however, would argue that not only are they occurring in modern times, but they are occurring so rapidly that their commonplace makes them seem less significant than in past times when such discoveries were more rare. I would also argue that the invention of the computer should rank right up there next to the wheel in the list of “Greatest Discoveries”

If you were to sit down and start listing out the ways in which computers (and by extension software and the web) have not only influenced our lives, but also made them easier, you would most likely tire of this exercise before you ran out of examples. I will never cease to be amazed at how digital our lives are becoming, but I count this as a good thing. It also never stops surprising me the lengths at which some people will go to resist such convenient technology.

This week, I flew out to visit my brother, Steve, in Minneapolis. He runs his own private medical billing and coding business from home. He’s been in business for about 15 years now, and he’s what I would consider to be “old school.” First off, for those of you not familiar with medical coding, Steve collects and organizes the insurance and accounting information of medical patients for a number of different private practices in his area. For insurance billing purposes he must match each visit and diagnosis to one of thousands of billing codes that have been standardized for all insurance carriers. He then sends these carriers an invoice with specific codes in order to receive payment for the medical facility that saw that particular patient. He earns an above average medical coder salary, but as you can imagine he has to deal with a lot of paperwork. When he first started his business, technology wasn’t nearly where it is today and papers had to be faxed and filed. Like any industry, his field has become highly digitalized, but Steve never wanted to take the time to digitalize his business.

When I visited, my brother had an office full of overflowing filing cabinets and leaning towers of paperwork. I was surprised that anyone could work that way. We had a serious talk and I was able to convince him to just try filing a few claims electronically. I helped him look and we decided to try a billing software program called EZClaim. Now Steve isn’t the best with computers, but even he was able to get the hang of the program with a few days of practice. What was incredible to him, was that using the program only took him a 1/3 of the time that it took him to do it by hand. That implication suggests that he now should be able to do at least double the work he was doing before, which would significantly affect his bottom line. Granted it will also take him a lot of time to scan in all of his old documents in order to be completely paperless, but can you imagine if he would have made this change 6 years ago when the technology first became widely used?

Now we all resist new technology to some degree from time to time (If you disagree, look me in the eye and tell me to my face that you’ve accepted every Facebook update with arms wide open). However, next time you feel inclined to dig you heels in against change, you may want to take a minute to think about the potential opportunities in “embracing the new.”

Becoming an Online Astronomer

What percentage of your daily life involves you being directly connected to the worldwide web? How much do you rely on the internet? If you would have been asked these questions just a decade ago your answers would have been surprisingly different than they are today. There seems to be a lot of negative talk these days about how much of our lives are spent checking emails or twitter accounts, but no one can argue that countless positive opportunities have entered into our personal lives as we have increased time spent online.

One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of the internet in general is the sheer amount of information available to us at any given moment. Of course, everyone knows not to believe everything you read on the internet, but there are still plenty of high-quality respectable sites that provide reliable information on any subject imaginable. While many people access such information daily to answer random trivia questions that may arise or solve small social disputes, fewer know that much more helpful information exists. Step-by-step guides and videos are available 24/7 which show how to solve everyday problems ranging from car trouble to home repairs. Fewer still know that there are free online courses and modules available for any school subject or potential career path.

We are so used to paying for education, and having to attend class/training in person, that we often overlook these invaluable tools. Think of any random subject, and a quick Google search for free courses will turn up pages of options. For example, let’s say a teen is interested in learning more about the universe. A search for “Astronomy Training” will turn up a site like NASA’s Astro-Venture page. This particular website gives scientific training as well as information about a potential career in astronomy. A teen’s interest in the possibility of a career in astronomy could be peaked by this site. It would be a great place to see if this is indeed a field they should pursue. But the applicability of online learning wouldn’t stop there. The next logical step would be for the teen to begin pursuing such an interest. Such an individual would undoubtedly look to purchase beginner’s telescope to start mapping the night sky. They would probably pour over review sites until they found the perfect telescope and software to continue their training. Overtime, as their passion grew, they would look online for accredited schools that offered related degrees. Such steps could lead to them to one day becoming an astronaut or perhaps the top academic scholar in the field. Of course, they could discover along the way that they weren’t as dedicated to the topic as previously thought, but the possibilities are endless. The point is they could have a successful career in that, or any other path they choose, but it would all start with obtaining basic information and taking their first steps on the internet. Finding that information and pursuing the same career path was many times harder even just a few years ago.

This example is very limited and doesn’t even take into account the networking implications for career opportunities on websites like or other social media sites. The take away here is this: Each of our professional lives will lead us down different paths, but those who take advantage of the many available online opportunities will definitely have a leg up in the workplace.

The Growing Standards of Internet Marketing and eCommerce

Nowadays, doing business over the Internet is not as easy as it used to be some 5 years ago. Thanks to constant updates and amendments, the world of online marketing and eCommerce has substantially evolved and is miles ahead of what it used to be a mere few years ago. What does this mean for companies and individuals alike who are looking to begin new business endeavors in the online world?

If you are an aspiring businessman or entrepreneur looking to make your mark on the World Wide Web, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before going off on your online journey.

The Role of Social Media Is Critical

If you don’t believe that the world has truly become a global village now, you probably don’t understand the lengths at which social media has gone recently. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are global hubs through which you can attract prospective customers no matter which end of the world they may be in. For example, if you are looking to start a business like Free Bet Options, that relies on people’s reviews, it goes without saying that you cannot deny the importance of social media marketing because social networks account for a strong base of your online customers. Many other types of business are in the same boat.

Websites Are Optimized to Offer the Best of Everything

Previously, customers used to have enough time to scout entire websites and learn everything about a service they were considering. However, this has completely changed now all thanks to busier lifestyles and fast-paced technologies such as 4G. Today, if a user can’t seem to find appropriate information on a website within the first few seconds, they would much rather look up the next one. This is why your landing page needs to offer the best of convenience, looks, and information all together, because if it misses out on any of these and subsequently fails to attract the customer within the initial few seconds of their visit, it is very likely that this prospect wouldn’t be the only you are losing.

The Face of SEO Has Changed Entirely

Despite how keyword-centric search engine optimization used to be in the past, keywords are just another aspect of SEO now. This doesn’t mean that their importance has been reduced, however, it does mean that several other equally important metrics have pretty much outweighed, or offset keywords to say the least. These metrics include web traffic, conversions, revenue, link building, etc. As such, while coming up with your next SEO strategy, you need to pay specific attention to all of these aspects.

Now you know how the industry standards have enhanced substantially. Therefore, if you are thinking about making your next move in the online market, you better think twice while keeping all of these aspects in mind. If you fail to do so, however, then it is pretty much safe to say that your online marketing efforts would be simply laid to waste.

Two Ways to Make It Big on the Internet

Some time ago, I wrote about the social media phenomenon. I looked at some of the reasons why it's become such a craze and at two ways in which the help of the internet and social media has revolutionised our lives. This is by providing information that people have to people who need or want it.

In this post, I will expound a little on that. In the previous article, I looked into review sites. Today, I'm going to use a different example so if you're taking notes, click here to see the best stem mop reviews, at least according to that site. Who am I to argue? I don't know much about steam mops. And here comes lesson 1 for today. There are lots and lots of people who don't know about an awful lot of things. Humans have always relied on peer knowledge (and peer pressure) to gather information and make choices. By now, people know quite a lot about the idea of monetising webpages. But regularly fail when it comes to deciding what this magic website will be about.

So, say I need to buy a steam mop. Where better to start then via the site I lined above. It's put together a great little collection of reviews, how tos, tips – things that I, in my non-steam-mop-educated slumber know nothing about. What do I need to do? Click on through to that link. It will tell me almost anything I needed to know about steam mops. Niche filled.

Obviously, that sort of monetised website is hardly the only business option around on the internet these days. Which brings me to number 2. The previous idea would have hinged on monetising the site – a good option, but not the only one. How about just plain straight asking for money for your knowledge?

You're probably wondering if I've gone mad. But think about it. What have schools, lectures, specialist societies, etc. been doing for years? Asking for money in return for knowledge. Simple fact of the matter is that tests, accreditations and learning puts a lot of people off. Few people like the feeling of going at it alone. So if you have niche knowledge to sell, there's nothing wrong with doing that.

To take another example, try clicking here for RSA refresher courses. The RSA, or responsible service of alcohol accreditation, is an Australian requirement for barmen. It's a great idea, actually, as it promotes the (wait for it) responsible service of alcohol, guides future bartenders to legislation requirements and much more. But you've got to get one and who wants to botch what's in effect, a work permit? No one. So what are you likely to do? Take to the internet to look up refresher courses to make sure the knowledge you think you have matches with what the test or license will need.

In both these cases, you've taken knowledge you have that may be wanted, and put it out there as for sale. Nothing different, indeed, to what schools, doctors, lawyers and more have been doing for years, just adapted to a digital age.

Does Social Media Rule the World?

Social media rules the world! Or at least that's how it seems these days. I'm in good company noting that, however, as it's fast becoming a topic for idle commentators and scientific minds alike. The question of course, is "Why?". What makes social media so special? Is it just because the god of Facebook, Zuckerberg, says so? Or is there a little more to it?

It certainly seems that there's nothing that we don't go online for these days. Need a new kitchen faucet? Why would you go to the local home depot when you can find the best kitchen faucets reviewed online at the touch of a fingertip? Does the size of your faucet bother you? Are you looking for a certain thread, or the perfect tap to fit an out of the way place? Are you just really, really picky about the way your bathroom faucets coordinate? Has your favourite homeware brand disappeared, and you're keen to see if you can track them down again? It doesn't matter what your needs or what questions you may have, the internet can provide you with the answers you seek. Even if you're a complete novice at installing that tap, where once upon a time you would have had to botch the job yourself and hope you didn't get caught doing so by your spouse, these days you can get an internet whizz kid to hold your hand through the whole process. Everyone can be heard, and everyone's expertise can put itself out there.

This applies even in more formal areas- legislation, permits, work information, etc. Let's suppose for a moment you were a construction worker, and you were looking to immigrate to that lovely land down under. Uprooting your family, your business and more to a continent thousands of miles away is a traumatic process, right? Once upon a time, you'd have spend almost all the time between now and your relocation date frantically phoning office after office of bewildered and bored public services just to beg the information about how you can legally work in their country. Today? Click a button and link yourself to information on getting white card in Australia. Need to know how to get it, or need a refresher course on what you need to do to achieve this? Keep clicking. Want to find a friendly information hub about it? Click some more. That one site alone tells you almost everything you need to know. And there's a web full of information like that out there.

It's both amazing and terrifying how easily the internet- and the social media driving it- can link you to the resources you need. That's the lure of it, of course. Most of the effort that things used to take back in the internet dark ages has gone. You can have access to knowledge, even niche knowledge, at the touch of a button. You can get the honest opinions of people you've never met, but who share a taste for Italian food – or even kitchen faucets – with you, all in one simple click.

It’s both exhilarating and terrifying. But there's no surprise it's become such a dominant business force.

Using Social Media to Market Various Types of Equipment and Tools

These days it is not uncommon for a person to have an account in a couple of social media sites. What's weird is if he or she doesn't. The same goes for businesses. Nowadays, internet presence is crucial to the success of any type of business whether it be selling goods or providing services. Traditional advertising methods such as word of mouth or newspaper ads just won't cut it.

Let's focus on marketing equipment and tools on social media platforms. If you have a Facebook account, you would know how newsfeeds can sometimes be flooded with articles and ads for a specific product. Say you own a company that sells paint sprayers and vacuums online. How can you market your products on Facebook and Twitter?

The first thing you would need to do is create an account on Facebook and Twitter for your business. Since these are separate platforms, you would need to have a different approach for using each. For Facebook, you would need to get as many Page Likes as possible to get maximum exposure for your business. How do you do this? Well, this part is tricky. If your business is already established, "Likes" will come on their own because users will be the one searching for your page. If it isn't, you may need to hire a Social Media Specialist. It is pretty much the same with Twitter except that instead of "Page Likes", you will have to garner "Followers".

Basically though, Facebook and Twitter is used to interact with customers and leads as well as educate consumers about your product. This is where you "share" say, airless paint sprayer reviews from previous customers. If you can't find reviews on the internet, you can hire freelance writers to write them for you and post it on your website's blog. Reviews are great because it gives prospective buyers a bit of an insight on the performance and quality of your paint sprayers.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't stick to sharing reviews alone. All the content you share on social media sites should be unique and engaging. This is why you should make it a point to have all sorts of articles written like, "Tips on How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair" or "How to Clean an Airless Paint Sprayer".

You don't really have to hire freelance writers if you don't want to as there are a lot of articles readily available on the internet which you can share. The thing is though, if the article is your, the traffic will be redirected to your website thus increasing the number of potential buyers.

Always remember that consumers these days spend a lot of time browsing on their phones, tablets, or computers. Very few people really bother picking up the phone and calling a hotline if they have a question. For this reason, it is important that you monitor your business' social media accounts and answer all the inquiries you get because this is where your target market get a first glimpse of how your company's customer service really is.

Navigating the Web for Lasik Surgeons: How a Marketing Professional Can Help

In order to navigate the increasingly complex world of internet marketing you need more these days then just the ability to do your job well. There are so many choices to make and so many pitfalls that accompany marketing that it can require a professional just to help you get your message out there in such a way that it will get to your intended audience.

It used to be you could sit down and write an ad for the yellow pages and all you really needed was your information and maybe a phrase that indicated you were a good choice. Now, with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you may find that you have to write a new message every day or even every couple of hours just to get noticed.

This is why a number of specialized marketing experts have begun to offer their services to professions where marketing isn’t necessarily a strength. These services combine expertise in marketing with a particularly in depth understanding of a niche area in order to create posts, blogs, tweets, and messages that not only convey an appropriate message but also are sure to make it to the front of people’s search results.

A group called Page1Solutions, for example, specializes in assisting Lasik surgeon’s with their web marketing campaigns. They don’t just develop a website and then let it sit, hoping it will do the work for them, they also understand search engine optimization in order to guarantee that internet searches for relevant phrases bring their clients to the first page of results every time.

What is search engine optimization, anyway?

This means that they understand how to write things that are the most likely be called up when potential clients are searching for information about Lasik surgery. In order to do this, they have to understand how it is that people look for things like this. It takes more than a broad-brush approach to praising a particular surgeon, they have to know both about the practice of Lasik surgery and about the way people look for Lasik information. That way when people look for an answer to their question, such as, “how much does Lasik surgery cost” they have written the text in such a way that this phrase is embedded in the marketing material.

It’s all well and good to have informative sites but if they aren’t written in the language that will allow them to be ‘discovered’ by the people doing the searching, they are as good as non-existent.

The other thing that web-marketing experts can do for you business is help you move beyond simple site visits by creating connections with the people who come to your site. If a person visits your site and then leaves, you have no way of knowing who they were or how to reach out to them again. By including what is known as a ‘call to action’ your visitors may be enticed to leave their email addresses or other information. A ‘call to action’ is a freebie that can be downloaded or other special sign up in which the visitor can participate by leaving his/her email address.

Finally, web marketers can help you understand who is visiting your site and how they are finding you in order to give you advice on how to position yourself more advantageously. This can help in non web-based marketing efforts as well as it helps you to determine the population you are reaching on the web. This way you don’t target the same group in other areas or maybe that you can decide you would like to double down as it were and try to get their attention in other media as well.

Whether you just want assistance setting up your site or want ongoing web marketing support, there are companies out there that offer services specific to your type of service, no matter how specialized.

Top 5 Websites for Penny Stock Trading and Company Information

The internet is full of useful sites and information. I have recently become involved with trading stocks and investment analysis. Naturally, I did many Google searches in my quest to understand the stock market and find good companies to invest in. I love learning about the different businesses , especially technology and social media companies like LinkedIn and Facebook. I have subscribed to some online newsletters and publications like the online versions of the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily.

These sites provide a lot of good information but I have found other sites that seem more interested in promoting a particular penny stock than providing unbiased information. The online trading world is rife with publications and newsletters that want to take your money and push you to not worry about the details of how your money is invested. I am now focusing my trades on penny stocks, learning which penny stocks to watch and found this buying guide very helpful. This site provides plenty of information about how to pick microcap and penny stocks for trading. The information is unbiased and details the risks involved in penny stock investing. It is a great reference or guide to why selecting NASDAQ penny stocks helps reduce risk compared to buying bulletin board stocks traded over the counter (OTC). believes in a different business model. This website allows for data mining your own performance which takes the guesswork out of trading and helps ensure that you become more profitable by making intelligent decisions about your trading habits. has gurus that work with you to find out how to improve your strategies and coach you through the pitfalls that many beginning and advanced penny stock traders make. Real gains can only be made by taking a risk and investing in areas where other investors don’t have the knowledge and skill to tread. Penny stock investing is considered one of the riskier trading options, but as any expert will tell you, if done in a reasonable and prudent way it can be remarkably lucrative.

One of the best ways to learn how to effectively trade is to find an effective teacher to guide you. has a service called “Find Your Guru” As with everything on the website, the list of gurus aims to provide you with transparency and the information you need to find the right teacher. Profitable traders can help you learn what you’re doing wrong and help you develop your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Penny stocks have a steep learning curve when you initially begin trading. By taking a sensible approach and picking the penny stocks with the characteristics that lead to high success and substantial gains, you can greatly increase the profits from your own trades and improve your trading ability.

Penny stocks have the potential to provide explosive and high-value gains, but you need a guide to help you through the rough spots and teach you what to expect and more importantly, what to do when things don’t go as planned. Learn how to develop a smart plan of action and avoid the pitfalls too many traders make. Gurus can teach you how to identify a good penny stock, even with little to no information or data history to go on. Since many penny stocks don’t need to file with the Security Exchange Commission, there isn’t a lot of publicly available data to make the best decisions on the stock. You must learn to identify and determine the companies that are going to perform well. Additionally, penny stocks don’t require a set of minimum standards to follow. This makes investing in these stocks even riskier. Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to jump in and make your own mistakes. However, that costs money and a guru can teach you how to make the right decisions and recognize the right stocks from the beginning. The website is a great place for finding gurus.

The Rise of Review Sites: Best Juicers and Gun Safe Reviews

There appears to be a growing Internet trend for review sites that focus on items available from Amazon. These products might at first seem to be random choices for websites to feature, but there is a reason for website owners to select products like the best juicers and gun safes to review, out of many thousands of products available to buy online.

Some review sites offer a range of product reviews, while others specialize in one particular type of product so visitors to the site can compare performance and price. Most review sites also have a rating system and the best products get five star ratings. Visitors to the site can read a selection of reviews and then click an Amazon link to make a purchase.

Review Sites Make Money

A review site makes money when it is set up to provide reviews of Amazon products. As a registered Amazon associate the owner is paid commission each time a customer makes a purchase after clicking on a personalized affiliate link.

The more sales generated by reviews of Amazon products, the more money the site owner will make from customers who click on a personalized Amazon link that appears with a product review.

The amount of affiliate commission paid by Amazon is just a small percentage of the selling price, so it makes sense for site owners to generate as many sales as possible by recommending top sellers such as the best juicer.

Top Internet Searches

Some of the top keywords used in search engines include the words “best juicer”, so any review associated with those words should get plenty of search engine traffic.

Every day of the year there could be thousands of people entering the name of a particular juicer product into Google and using search engines to find a review. Each person who does this is obviously thinking about buying that product.

A professional juicer can cost a few hundred dollars and people who shop online want to know they are going to get good value for money. Amazon prices are very competitive and, after seeing a good review, a customer will be pleased to pay the purchase price at Amazon. Find reliable juicer reviews from

Free Shipping and Legal Requirements

Members of Amazon Prime get free delivery on certain items. The heaviest item that members can buy without paying any shipping costs is a gun safe, which can weigh as much as 1500lbs.

“Gun safe” is also a good search term for a review site to feature. In some places it is a legal requirement for anyone who owns a weapon to keep it locked in a police-approved gun safe when not in use. Someone going on a hunting trip in Canada, for example, is required by law to use a lockable gun safe for the storage and transportation of weapons.

Because a gun safe is also a high-price item, most people will read a few reviews before deciding which one to buy. If you’re looking for reliable reviews for the best gun safe, you should visit Best Gun Safe Pro. Whenever they use a link on an associate’s review page to take them to the Amazon sales page, the site owner receives a little more affiliate commission.

The Rise of Review Sites

Many people search for the best deals before shopping online and visit sites with product reviews. Amazon is the biggest and best known online retailer. It provides the best value for money and is a site that most people trust. This is the reason for the rise of review sites featuring the biggest selling products and the heaviest items that are free from shipping costs for Amazon Prime members.

With more people registering with the Amazon Associate program, there is obviously going to be a steady increase in the number of review sites devoted to those Amazon products.

The GTA V Community Is Pretty Big

It is amazing to see just how the GTA V community has grown over time. Grand Theft Auto V players have started to make their presence shown by creating a variety of different items that work for the game and are especially attractive for the average player to see. It’s a fun community when everything is considered and all of these things are added to it.

People Are Creating Skins

Skins are being created by all sorts of GTA V players and are currently being shard online. These skins are appearance-based materials that allow a player to adjust the images and appearances of players, vehicles and other items around the game. These are things that can really create some fine looks that are unique and in some cases potentially better than what might be featured in the original game.

What’s more is that different utilities that may be used to adjust skins and create new ones may be offered. Some of these programs are fan-created options that give people more control over their experiences while playing the game, thus creating a more unique way for anyone to have some real fun while playing different games around here.

Music Files Are Being Added

As large as the GTA V soundtrack is, some people will create new music files to add for the game. These include files that can work on different game channels while driving. This can be a fascinating point that can add a unique tone to a game and can entail just about any kind of music one wants to hear in the game. Of course, this can work for many different audio file formats to really establish a better look when all is made with care.

Cheat Are Being Shared

It’s clear that people want to take a look at various GTA 5 Xbox cheats as GTA 5 Xbox cheats can be essential for all those who want to play the game and enjoy more out of it the easy way. People are sharing unique cheats and strategies online in order to give people ideas on what they can do in order to get as far into the game as possible.

Co-Op Play Works Too

Of course, there is always the option to go with co-op play. This is where people with an online connection can play together and do all sorts of fun things with one another. They often play co-op games as a means of creating some new and unique challenges that are especially different from what people might experience when they are playing on their own.

These are all big points about the GTA V community that are fascinating. The massive world of the GTA V game are amazing for all to explore. This world is only going to get larger over time as more people begin to explore the many ways how the game can be adjusted for different players who want to have more fun and excitement while trying the game out. Then again, a game as popular and open as this one is a game that asks to have a community that is as big as it is.

Funding Your Online Business with a Personal Loan

A large number of people today are aware that internet marketing is on the rise. Yet, the question regarding how much still lingers in the minds of many. Various studies have been conducted around this topic and various interrelated conclusions have been drawn and documented.

Advertisers spend billions of cash on internet marketing. This expenditure is expected to rise in the upcoming financial years. This encompasses online ad expenditure by diverse forms of entrepreneurs ranging from large corporations, small scale businesses, individual business enterprises and online marketers who mainly promote affiliate offers.

The bottom-line is, people have identified wealth on the internet and are willing to reach it for all it’s worth. The situation is quite the opposite of what it was in 1995 when the initial consumers began adapting the internet. Then there was a lot of speculation concerning the possibility of the internet ever becoming a useful business tool.

Today however, online transactions are not only a source of profits but also a quick highway to business success. If you want your business venture to develop and grow beyond its traditional borders, you have to consider some online advertising.

New Ways

Along with this trend is a tremendous growth in the increasing diversity in the form of services offered online. As many different players join the industry, they continue to identify new ways of using online platforms in more creative ways to surpass the original ones. Today, there is more than just actual business taking place online. Digital start-up agencies have cropped up and are a great relief to people seeking to obtain starting capital.

In Australia, several states have provisions for cash loans for people on Centrelink. Anyone who is a member of Centrelink is eligible for a cash loan. The only requirements Centrelink asks for is for the cash loan applicant to have an active savings account, should be earning at least AUD 340 oeach payday, and must submit documents to prove that they are currently employed and earning a stable income. 

The amount to be allocated to the applicant is decided by loan providers based on the applicant’s level of qualification. This amount is determined based on the salary of the applicant, his or her overall financial status, and other factors. The payable amount is offered at reasonable grounds. The time for repayment is however, restricted within 14 to 31 days. Additionally, interest rates for this type of loan is relatively higher than loans offered by banks.

These days, it is not uncommon for people with bad credit to seek out a loan from a bank or a lender. The good news is, even people with a bad credit rating can qualify for a loan. Unfortunately though, their options are limited when it comes to choosing a bank or lender. Also, when an applicant has a bad credit personal loan requirements imposed by financial institutions will be tougher. If you have a bad credit score and are considering on getting a personal loan to finance your business idea, it is important that you are ready for the long and tedious process you would have to go through to get your application approved. 

Exercise Routines for Artists

Painting, sculpting, and other mediums of art require you to stand or sit for long periods of time with minimal movement. You are also requiring most of your non-working, non-sculpting, and non-painting limbs to be absolutely still. This is kind of like being stuck in an office cubicle for hours on end with minimal movement. As the hours pass, the legs will feel really tired from sitting or standing, the back will start to give out, and the arms will start to falter. Much like office workers, artists need to do some exercising while in their station. This does not mean that you start wearing Crossfit shoes (the best collection) every time you’re painting something.

Heel Drop Shoes Measurement

So what can you do?

People mistake Yoga is simply a means to help keep the body flexible, but it also focuses on developing one’s strength through several different poses. These yoga poses are beneficial for those in the moving industry because they will be able to enhance their strength and flexibility all at once. These can be done in conjunction with an existing strength training program.

What are these poses?

1.)    Chair – Strengthens thighs, calves, chest, and spine while stretching the chest and shoulder. This pose boosts your total core strength to a whole new level.

2.)    Downward facing dog – Strengthens arms, core, and shoulders and stretches the spine and shoulder area. This is a great pose that will help prevent back pains and cramps during lifting.

3.)    Forward fold – This pose strengthens your hamstrings and knees, and stretches your calves. Perfect pose for boosting your squat lifts.

4.)    Crescent lunge – Completely loosens up the hips and strengthens both arms and legs. This is also a great pose that will boost your squats and other heavy lifts. Endurance is also increased.

What are rebounder exercises?

Rebounder exercises are done on a trampoline and can provide you with a number of healthy benefits. It’s a great way to lose weight and keep your energy levels high. One of the main reasons why martial artists use rebounder exercises is that it improves their balance and stability. Morton Walker, author of “Jumping for Health: A Guide to Rebounding Aerobics”, said that rebounding exercises can also help improve your blood circulation and relieve stress. Rebounder exercises can also be used for HIIT or high intensity interval training. You can use any kind of shoes, like running shoes or Zumba shoes, for this routine.

different zumba shoes brands

Three basic movements

There are three basic movements when it comes to rebounder exercises; you have the gentle bounce, jumping, and running.

1.)    Gentle bounce – the gentle bounce is the most basic movement in rebounding exercises. It helps you develop your bouncing movements on the trampoline without lifting your feet. You can do this by standing on the center of the trampoline with feet at shoulder width. Move your body up and down by bending your knees. You should be able to do a gentle bounce without lifting your feet. Do this for 5 minutes for your first time and increase as you progress.

2.)    Jumping – once you’re comfortable using the trampoline, it’s time to move on to jumping. Following the same position as gentle bounce, jump at the center with your feet at shoulder width. Alternate jumping with both feet and one foot. You can also do arm exercises whilst jumping, like arm rotations and punching. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up.

3.)    Running – this is a trickier workout because you’re going to jog in place in the middle of the trampoline. This is a more vigorous workout and will definitely leave you breathless. To increase the difficulty, move your knee higher or do a kick-back where your foot is touching your buttocks. Do all of these with your core and upper body in an upright position.

Is There Any Value In Having Images On Your Website?

Just about everybody will have seen some fantastic photos on the Internet. There are some wonderful websites which feature extraordinary photography taken by real artists.

But if you are trying to promote a small business on a website is there any value to having images on that website, do they actually produce any worthwhile result?

The answer to that is yes, and for a number of different reasons which we shall cover today. However not all images are of value for the same reasons.

There is clear evidence from research that some images produce a worthwhile result on a business website and others do not.

For example images which do not directly relate to products, but which are, in effect, just pretty pictures, are generally ignored by visitors who come to that business website for a specific reason. Eyetracking studies have confirmed this to be the case.

However the studies have also demonstrated that relevant images, for example images of products which demonstrate the features of the product, are scrutinised by users and add value to the page.

So any business website owner should be ensuring that they are using relevant and appropriate images.

A second reason for adding images to your website is this. Google indexes images and will include images in their image results. If Google thinks that an image on your website is relevant to a search that image, and consequently a page on your website, will be shown in the image search, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, in the main search results.

Not only that but images should be used properly. Where an image is used on a page it should be given an appropriate title and alt tag to identify the image. Google pays attention to the alt tag and this will help tell Google what your page is about. Whether or not the look of the image is relevant to the page is unimportant, Google looks at the alt tag.

So for example if you look at the image on this page about installment loans for bad credit you’ll see a brightly colored image. Look at the source code of that page and you will see the alt tag.

Similarly on this page you’ll see a different alt tag. In neither case is the image one of the product or directly related to the content of the page.

And there is one other reason for having images on your page. Readers do not like to see large unbroken blocks of text. Studies also show that breaking up your text, for example by using headings, paragraphs or images, increases user engagement on the page and increases the likelihood that they will read all your content.

Having great looking images might keep visitors on your site longer than simply having a huge block of text.

So remember, having images on your page is important, but you must be careful in selecting your image where you are running a business website, and you must also pay attention to identifying the image correctly for Google.

Why Great Websites Should Have Greater Articles

article-is-everythingToday in the virtual world, creating an online presence has become everything. And no matter how hard experts may argue about the latest Google updates or policy changes affecting their overall Search Engine results, the fact remains that without great articles, your website is as good as dead.

So your espresso machines ready and be sure to make at-least a few cups, because we are going to explain you why you need great articles and how it can catapult your online presence and earning potentials through the roof.

Article is Everything

You go to a book shop, pick out one of the fanciest vintage books you can find, crafted from the finest leather and the name written in golden or black ink. You pay a few hundred bucks for it and bring it back home, hoping to read a story that will enchant you as much as the book itself and just when you start turning the pages..

Wham! All the pages are empty. You keep turning the pages over and over again, in hopes that there was a misprint and you will find the story a few pages down the book. But there is nothing.

The only reason for this example is because this is exactly the same mistake that most website owners make, causing them to crash and burn even before the launch their website.

One of the most common problems with the people, who are interested to start an online business, is that they spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on developing the website. Spend some more to do some pre-launch advertising.

But when it comes to getting articles, they put the least amount of attention on it or try getting them for peanuts. Without even realizing that articles are the soul of a website and without it, no one including search engines will ever notice your website because of the poor content in it.

What Does Articles Have to Do With SEO?

Since the time Google was launched, it has undergone multiple updates and policy changes. And because of this constant evolution, many websites end up losing their raking and in some cases disappear almost entirely.

Or this is what experts would want to believe.
The fact remains that through all of their updates and policy changes, the value of quality articles to Google has remained the same. And websites with a constant flow of quality articles which people enjoy reading are always given higher priority.

But My Website Does Not Rank Even With Quality Articles?

Despite spending a good amount of money behind articles, many website owners still have a common complaint that they don’t rank high on Google. And there are two key reasons behind this:

  1. Poor Keyword Research
  2. Constricted flow of quality articles

Even though website owners may initially spend a lot of money on quality articles, they don’t put too much research behind keywords. And by too much research, we mean no research at all.

Despite holding maximum value in Search Engine Optimization, minimum keyword research is required. And if you are unable to do keyword research yourself, tell your writer as they will be more than happy to do it for you. But website owners should always keep in mind that a handful of quality articles is never enough to make a website rank, and they need a steady flow of at-least 2 articles per day for as long as the website exists.

Because without regular articles updates/changes, the search bot spider will stop indexing your website entirely and visitors too will start losing interest.

Articles Make Money

A lot of website owners maybe completely unaware of the fact that articles are the only thing which helps you make money.

It’s not the product that you sell, it’s not the website that you’re trying to promote, but it’s the articles on your website. High quality articles alone have been known to keep visitors interested and earn website owners money through advertisements, etc, which means that even if a website is not making a sale per say, articles alone can earn them revenue by keeping visitors occupied and encourage them to keep visiting over and over again.

And the products, websites, etc, that you link help you earn some more. But before going out on an endless hunt to find the cheapest place to buy articles from, you should always keep the following things in mind:

1. Cheap articles, means poor quality. Yes you might find it interesting at first look, but to the masses your cheap article may be the exact thing which forces them to stop visiting your website entirely.

2. Don’t ever write yourself. Yes there are many people who have mastered the English language and are able to produce decent articles, but there is a good reason why people hire a professional. And it is the same reason why you visit a doctor to get an operation or a mechanic to fix your car. Professionals understand what the masses want and how to keep the audience interested and help improve rankings.

3. Too much serious is never good. There are many website owners who try to be extremely professional through their website and demand only the most professional looking content. But in reality, people don’t like reading things which sound too serious. This is the only reason why people don’t like reading the newspaper anymore and have started looking for a lighter alternative in the virtual world.

4. Keep it simple. You should always keep in mind that you can present information to your audience without getting over complicated. Because as soon as you start making your article sound too complicated, people will tend to leave your website and look for an easier alternative. No matter how good or informative your article may be.

By keeping these 4 basic principles in mind, there will be no stopping you in your quest to create a truly successful website which ranks and earns you a lot of money. But without forgetting that its articles that make your website what they are.

Social Media is the Building Block of a Home Business Venture

Today, social media is the key to internet marketing. It was not like this five years ago, and it might be different within another five years. But for now, social media is the fulcrum. You can lose your business, or at least have a failing internet presence, or you can grow like crazy, depending on your social media strategy.


There are, of course, several questions you have to ask yourself. First off, how can you use social media in promoting your internet business? The general rule is that there is no single fool-proof strategy which will work everytime. The second thing to remember is that there are established businesses which work, and their strategies are worthy of emulation. Again, the hit-or-miss nature of internet marketing depends on too many variables and there is nothing to do but to persevere and use whatever works.


A thorough assessment of your social media knowledge, tools and presence leads to the next questions: What am I doing right? How can I do it better? These are harder questions to answer. They are fall-off questions which logically follow the first question. However, adequate knowledge of analytics and the proper use of analytical tools will be able to show which works and which does not. From there, it is a matter of more experimentation to find out how to do things better.


For instance, a topic like binary options trading is not something which easily translates to social media marketing. It is a concept-based system which does not translate well to graphics. On top of that, it needs some handholding because of the technical nature of the topic. It would be hard to bring this to photo sharing sites. However, podcasts and video can be used to bring the message to potential followers.


In addition, even among the niche market of trading, whether it is securities, futures, or foreign exchange, binary options trading is a hard sell. It has to be explained in detail before the potential client can signup. It takes a lot of faith in the sponsor before clients will sign up. It can be done, but judicious use of social media has to be implemented.


A bakery shipping cupcakes across the nation has a better chance at being successful with the use of social media marketing techniques. With the use of Pinterest, there should be more than enough mileage with the pictures being posted there. Studies have shown that most social media users – and buyers – are women. The only social networking or social media site which is not dominated by women is LinkedIn. Even then, it would be hard to imagine selling cupcakes and other baked goods on LinkedIn.


Some discernment and a lot of study is needed when creating a social media campaign. Being successful is not a matter of being present everywhere. A pay-per-click campaign can be successful, where SEO campaigns may fail. Again, social media is just a tool, and most times, the proper use of a tool is all that separates a successful social media campaign from an failed online marketing attempt.

Sports Nutrition Brands Turning to The Internet & Social Media

Sports nutrition is big business. And there is a new breed of sports nutrition companies that are heavily promoting their products via the internet and social media.

With the rapid emergence of technology, consumers are now able to shop for practically anything online. The smart companies are the ones that not only sell via the internet, but also leverage from it as a means of increasing their social popularity.

Sports nutrition websites like Workout Nutrition Pro have a heavy reliance on Social Media in how they market their products that get reviewed. Every product that gets added to their website also gets posted to all of their social media accounts.

The ideal scenario would be for content to go viral around relevant social media circles, but most companies find that this is rarely the case. The more creative companies go about their advertising in intelligent ways – such as giving information and products away for free, in exchange for social media shares or likes.

Take a recent article by Workout Nutrition Pro where they promoted an article on the best pre workout supplements available for men and women.

Not only did they promote the article on their website, but they also promoted it across all of their social media channels. The result the achieved was rather impressive, with hundreds of likes and shares across their platforms.

Another great example is the facebook page of <ahref=””>, where they have over 2,000,000 facebook fans. Every single post from their website gets posted on their social media channels as well. In some cases their readers and fans like and share articles so much that they become viral.

The key to companies marketing themselves successfully using these channels, is to provide something that is of value to the fans, in the expectation to turn them into customers.

For example, a company like Workout Nutrition Pro could put some impressive body building photos on their facebook and Pinterest pages, with a link back to the original website article. The article could then provide a write up of the various types of sports nutrition products that were used to get the muscles shown in the photos. It’s really as simple as that.

Another popular method for marketing a product using social media is by doing product giveaways. This is where a company gives a product away for free if their fans share the announcement on social media.

Most people like free things, and when it is a product that they are actually interested in, then there is more reason for that fan to share it with their friends. And then they share it with their friends, and so on and so forth.

These days it is too risky for a company to ignore the benefits of having a strong social media presence. The most innovative brands are the ones that use the most innovative methods to promote their brands and products.

It is good to see sports nutrition companies taking an active lead in this area, and it quite literally has raised the bar for many other companies to follow suit.

How Technology Is Changing The Funeral Industry

With the advent of Internet and the rapid technology development of the 21st Century, communication methods have undergone significant changes both on personal and commercial fronts. Today, we share information almost exclusively virtually through smartphones, video conferencing and emails. We shop online, we bank online and we even work online. It is not too surprising therefore, to find that technology has also changed the way we carry out funeral and memorial services.

The funeral industry has adapted wonderfully to the introduction of technology. It is well known that there are plenty of funeral insurance comparison websites that provide information for getting online quotes and other funeral planning options but what is less known is that technology has brought about a number of innovative ways to create indelible memories about departed loved ones. It is possible today – with the help of technology – to keep the priceless memories alive and distortion-free for all time to come. In this way, future generations can access these memorials and remember the loved ones just the way you want them remembered.

Here are some new high-tech options that are available:

  1. Memorial Website – these special remembrance websites are set-up specifically to “talk” about the life of the deceased loved one. The website would be accessible to all family members and friends to share their thoughts, stories, memories and media (pictures/ videos/ audio) files. The owner of the website will retain administrative rights, which will regulate the access of users.
  2. QR Codes Gravestone – this one of the latest applications of cutting-edge technology in the funeral industry. The QR (Quick Response) Codes use similar technology as that used for bar codes on price tags. This is a special imprint that can be applied on the gravestone, urns, and any other material of your choice. When scanned with a smartphone it will send you to a personalized website about the deceased loved one, where you would be able to read about and share your memories with others. These QR codes and website can last forever, creating an indelible memory of your loved one for posterity.
  3. Funeral Service Webcast – time is always in short supply for the 21st century man. Sometime, distance and preoccupations make it impossible to attend the funeral of a loved one. In such cases, you could be “present” virtually through the funeral webcast. You may watch the funeral live, or save it in video format to watch it later, when you find the time. To access the webcast all you need to have is access to high-speed Internet connection.
  4. Memorial Diamonds – this is one of the most amazing innovations that technology has introduced in the funeral memorabilia. A memorial diamond is lab-created and comes with an authenticity certification just as any other priceless gems do. The diamond is handcrafted and 100% unique as it contains a part of the tangible remains of your loved one, such as hair, ash, etc. Not only these diamonds are 100% genuine, but also make priceless family heirlooms to be cherished for generations to come.
  5. Memorial Reefs – it is possible today to create an underwater legacy for the departed loved one in the form of personalized memorial reefs. This is especially significant for those who prefer burial at sea (or any water body). The process requires that the mortal remains of the loved one are mixed into environmentally-friendly concrete that allows customization. These artificial reefs are not only a novel method, but also an environmentally friendly alternative for burials.
  6. DVD Video Tribute – photographs are no longer considered enough as they cannot capture the whole essence of the departed loved one’s life. Instead, with the help of technology, today you can have DVD video tributes. Through these DVDs you can make live-memorials that include not only the funeral service, but also snapshots of the deceased loved one through the stories, memories and media shared by the those left behind.

You can choose any one or a combination of these options to create a most wonderful and indelible tributes to the departed loved one. Technology will help you keep these memories alive forever, without distortion or fading for all generations to come.

The Top Binary Options Brokers to Choose From

Photo by opportplanet and reproduced under Creative Commons

If there is any trading option in the financial market that is the best place for any first-timers to get involved in, that would have to be trading binary options. The reason for this is simple. The option is easy to understand and the process is not as complicated as others. That is why so many people are opting for this trading option.

More than mere simplicity

More than just simplicity and being uncomplicated, trading binary options also yields very high pay-out rate. In fact, if the prediction is right a trader can avail of an income of as much as 80 – 95% of his investment. That is almost double your initial money!

That is not even the best part. With binary option, the trading is made short. Expiry time for each trade varies depending on the trader but he can opt for as quick a trade as 60 seconds, a day, a week or a month. Now, if you would factor in the pay-out rate and the length of trade, you will realize that with binary option, you can double your money in as quick as 1 minute! That is not something seen in other financial trading.

It’s all about convenience

Convenience is also a great benefit of binary option. With the advancement of technology, and the growing popularity of the internet and mobile devices, binary companies and online brokers have upgraded their trading platform to make in accessible to smartphone and tablets. This move reached many people who want to enter into financial trading. Today, binary option can be accessed anytime and anywhere!

Beware of scams!

Speaking of online binary companies and brokers, newbie traders should be warned that there are so many scams in the internet. There are people and phony companies posing as brokers to prey on unsuspecting traders. To stay away from these, it is important to religiously check the company profile and background as well as online reviews to see if the company or broker engages in scam strategies or not.

One online broker that is worth mentioning is AnyOption. This broker provides a very good trading platform for any new comer in the industry. Moreover, they also provide excellent support in terms of webinars to educate their fresh clients in the nature of binary option trading. They also give out tools like daily and weekly market breakdown of market, and professional analyses of market trends which can greatly boost a trader’s understanding of the market behavior and ultimately guide him in making good prediction and successful trades. Click here to find out more about AnyOption.

Further your education with police training courses.

Being a police officer is not just a job; like being a priest or an artist, it is something that you were just born to do; a calling if you will. This does not mean however that the ability to do the job is something that you either have or you don’t have. If you are going to be good at your job then you have to equip yourself with the best of skills and expertise. Part of this will come from a natural ability. For example, detectives should have naturally good problem solving skills. They should also have inborn abilities to analyse information, and interrogate suspects.

Part of this ability should include a knack in dealing with people in order to get the truth out of them. While some of these abilities are innate, a great deal of it is however learned through experience and training. The police academy which qualifies you to become a police officer only provides the most basic of training. After your basic police training you will hone your newly learnt skills on the streets and with on the job training. Experience certainly is a great teacher. But going for police training courses comes highly recommended in order to get the best results out of police officers. There are numerous private institutions which deal with training police officers in a multitude of areas. By attending these training courses, police officers can improve their skills in investigation, improve their life saving skills in emergency situations, improve their physical self-defence skills, and they can even improve their knowledge of how to construct cases so that criminals are successfully prosecuted, instead of walking free. Without a doubt, the benefits of police training is paramount in improving police officers personally and in turn, improving the police force’s performance and ability as a whole. The training is provided by very carefully selected instructors. These instructors are police officers themselves, but they are chosen because of their vast experience in particular fields or because of badges of honour that they have won in the past.

They are police officers with vast amounts of knowledge to pass on to new and less experienced police officers. Further, these instructors have themselves been trained to impart their knowledge in user-friendly ways. The training is done in accordance with world class teaching methods. This means that it is a combination of theoretical knowledge, such as elements of criminology and understanding the criminal mind, mixed with practical aspects of how to apply this knowledge in fieldwork. Learners are placed in simulated conditions so that they can have the opportunity to react and respond exactly the way they would if they were actually in the real life version of the situation. This ensures that the training is holistic, complete, and has the desired result of actually improving the officers skills, from a more than just theoretical perspective. If there are any questions about the training instructor’s credentials, their curriculum vitae’s are available either on request from learners, or it can be accessed from the training academy’s website.

Rewriting The Way Of Business

You only have to look around you to find that the world has taken technology by the horns and are running with it. From your social life to business is all done by means of technology and we practically cannot live without it. Have you noticed that internet marketing is done in such a way that you link to just about any device, social media platform and can notify all your friends at once about what you are up to. Facebook is used to post adverts for up and coming merchandise sales, new stock being released or anything else that you want to spread the word about. So if you are running your own business and you do not use internet marketing then you are doing yourself an injustice. You are sure to reach far more people by making use of internet and social media than you would by any other means.

I was on the hunt for a good second hand rowing machine so I decided to post a request asking if anyone knew of someone wanting to sell one or where I could get one. Within minutes my phone went ballistic with notifications of friends that were tweeting me or responding to my Facebook post. Most of the responders had a link to a webpage that I could visit and check if what they had was applicable. You can find just about any information on anything that you could possible dream up by the mere click of a couple of buttons. Needless to say, I did not even have to put my foot out the door to find what the rowing machine I was looking for. Technology has come such a long way that I can even hook up my rowing machine to an app on my phone and I will be able to see my calorie count, distance, effort and other training help along with having a training plan worked out for me as well.

No matter what you need to do, the internet is sure to be of use to you. My sister battles with lower back pain from time to time. Since she lives on a farm far from libraries and information centers, she asked me to see what information I could find to help relieve her back pain. I immediately went onto the internet and found a site where you could actually chat to a doctor and get online advice in real time. The suggestion was made to try out an inversion table first and then to take matters further should the pain persist. I had no clue what an inversion table was for and how it would possibly help for lower back pain. In no time I found that an inversion table is a contraption that you lie on, tilt so your head is down to the ground and is supposed to release the pressure that is exerted on the nerves and discs in your back. Yet again the internet was there to help.